The Business Minded Academic

This individual is also an academic at heart but they view school as a business. They love school and cherish the purity of the classroom. They like the idea of playing a part in your development. They may have done their thing in business and now wish to give back. Whether they failed or succeeded is not the issue. What is important is that they drill you the way a senior manager would. They view teaching as a job, and your education as a form of military training. Teaching is not so much of a calling for them as it is a mandate.

They view the classroom as a department, the class as a project and themself as the division manager. This type is smart enough to know that some of you will either go on to become a prized commodity in their company or excel at another firm. They do not believe in suffocation but emphasize discipline and responsibility. This professor will never make your life easy, because ''business and life is not easy.'' Their tough grading is a reflection of this mantra. The business minded academic makes for the best business teachers of all.